Easily engage and activate eligible patients

Match more patients to appropriate funding sources, become 501(r) audit ready, and reduce staff time spent gathering data and filling out forms.

Core features


Patient outreach


Online financial assistance application


Workflow automation


Audit trail repository


Verification of supporting documents


Philanthropic matching

Powerful automation for PFS

Millions of households in the United States are eligible for financial assistance, but most don’t know it. And even if they do, many are unable to complete applications themselves. Rather than leave these patient bills unpaid, use Atlas Health Financial Assistance to automatically capture reimbursements you’re currently losing out on, while helping patients take advantage of existing financial assistance policies.

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Beyond Medicaid

Our unique eligibility, verification, and enrollment platform is perfect for patients who don’t qualify for federal subsidies, but still may not be able to pay their bills. Complying with 501(r), we identify, screen, and verify patient eligibility for your specific financial assistance policy and automate the enrollment process – ultimately helping you reduce overhead and improve collections from patients who might not otherwise be able to pay.

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